• Answers in Genesis: AIG is dedicated to upholding the authority of Scripture and equipping believers with the tools necessary to defend the faith inĀ  a secular culture that in increasingly hostile to Biblical Christianity.

Bible Study Tools

  • Berean Bible Society: The BBS is an organization devoted to helping people understand and enjoy the Bible.
  • Bible Doctrines to Live By: BDTLB is an evangelistic preaching and doctrinal literature ministry devoted to reaching people and equipping the Church.

Church Fellowship

  • Berean Bible Fellowship: The BBF’s purpose is to win the lost to Christ; to build up, unify, and equip people, churches, and para-church ministries within the Grace Movement for a positive and powerful service for God’s glory.
  • Grace Gospel Fellowship: The GGF is a national fellowship of churches that share a common commitment to God’s Word, Grace Theology, evangelism, and service for the glory of God.

Ministry Training

  • Berean Bible Institute: BBI is a school of college level adult education that provides Biblical, doctrinal, and ministry training for the purpose of equipping people for ministry in local churches and on the mission field.
  • Grace Bible College: GBC is an undergraduate school that prepares individuals to serve Christ in the Church and society.


  • Grace Ministries Intl.: GMI’s mission is to reach a lost world with the gospel of God’s saving grace.
  • Things To Come Mission: TCM is a faith-based mission that seeks to prepare people for Christ’s return through the methods of Apostle Paul: evangelism and church-planting.