Our Ministry is founded upon the holy character, tri-une nature, & sovereign authority of Almighty God (Ps.147:5; Is.40; II Cor.13:14).

Our purpose is to GLORIFY God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Is.6:1-8; Rom.5:1,8; Eph.2:1-10).

Our goal is to WORSHIP God through a life of faithful dependence on Jesus Christ (Rom.11:33-12:1,2; Gal.2:20; Phil.4:6).

Our mission is to PREACH the Word of God through faithful exposition, personal discipleship, intentional outreach, & missions partnership (Rom.16:25-27; II Cor.5:18-20; Eph.3:8,9; II Tim.4:2).

Our Philosophy of Ministry is shaped by the following 7 Core Values

1. Sufficiency of Scripture: God’s Word is the authority for what to believe, how to live, & what kinds of methods are prescribed by God. A comprehensive Biblical worldview recognizes that there is no direction that we can travel in which God has not spoken (II Tim.3:16,17).

2. Gospel Centrality: The cross of Christ is central to God’s purpose of redeeming sinners & sanctifying a people to Himself. Christ’s finished work & the practical reality of His resurrection is the power driving fruitful ministry to the praise of His glory (I Cor.1:18; Col.1:28-29).

3. Marriage Faithfulness: The family unit is founded upon the covenant relationship of marriage between a man & a woman who make a life-long pledge to one another (Matt.19:4-6; Eph.5:22-33).

4. Parental Responsibility: Scripture teaches that parents are responsible (& fathers in particular) for raising their children to love God. The goal of parenting is moral & spiritual (Eph.6:4; Pr.1:7).

5. Family Discipleship: Relational connections at the heart level are key to the growth, development, & learning that transpires through life (Deut.6:4-9).

6. Generational Vision: Every generation should be raised with a vision toward passing on the truth to their progeny. A Godly legacy of multigenerational faithfulness is at the heart of God’s purpose for the Church & home (Ps.78:1-8).

7. Church & Home Unity: God’s divinely ordained institutions of family, Church, & State each have their own jurisdictional roles & responsibilities. We diligently cultivate an environment that is conducive to Biblical family life & seek to equip families to do the work of ministry beginning in the home (Eph.4:12).