The almighty God of the Bible is the Master of nations to whom all governments are accountable and individual citizens must obey above all. This reality is rooted in the holy character and triune nature of this one true God. The Bible teaches that God is the infinite Creator of the universe and all-powerful Governor of nations. Because He has no beginning and no end, He possesses all knowledge about everything and is everywhere at the same time too. God is not bound by time and space because He made them 6,000 years ago as recorded in Genesis. His all-glorious majesty is experienced in the truth that He is a God of love whose royal blood was shed at Calvary for depraved sinners worldwide who deserve His wrath in hell.

The Bible teaches that human government is one of three divinely ordained institutions that God created: the others being 1. Family-husband, wife, and children and 2. Church-a Living Body of believers in Christ manifest in local churches. Each have roles and responsibilities in their respective spheres and are sovereign in that realm under the authority of God. For example, government is in violation of its created purpose if it fails to submit itself to the transcendent laws of God that are in accordance with His character and nature. When this transpires, government begins to view itself as the ultimate authority on earth and imposes laws upon the family and the Church that are in violation of the absolute truth of God’s law.

The purpose that God created human government was to 1. Condone good and 2. Punish evil. This necessitates that government understands the difference between the two and heartily respects the documents that govern it citizens’ lives. In America, our founding documents dictate that everyone is endowed by their Creator with certain rights and they must be protected by government and not restricted.

The Constitutional right that is foundational to all others is the Freedom of Religion. As United States citizens, we have the freedom to exercise our religion in the arena of public life. The “law of separation between church and state” idea is a myth that is foisted upon Christians to intimidate them from standing up for Biblical truth in public life. When Jefferson used this term, the establishment clause of the First Amendment was in view and not the free exercise clause. In other words, government is prohibited from forming a national church and from restricting its citizens from freely exercising their religious faith in every sector of society.

God is the Ultimate Authority to whom all mankind is accountable including our elected leaders in government. Whenever they forget this foundational truth and pass legislation that violates God’s law, it is the duty of its citizens to obey God rather than men whatever the cost. Christians have a civil duty to pray for their leaders, vote in accordance with Biblical values, and be salt and light in a dark culture desperately in need of the gospel truth of Jesus Christ.

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.” I Timothy 1:17

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