What comes into your mind when you think about God?  Do you imagine a grandfatherly person with a long beard and flowing white robes?  Does He seem more like the great big vending machine in the sky or a religious genie who is at your bidding?  Or is it more comforting to see Him as a lonely deity who desperately needs companionship?  These conceptions are utterly false for the Bible teaches that God is the holy Creator of the universe who is infinite and tri-une in the essence of His being. 

            Many people deny God’s existence because “science” has supposedly disproven the Bible.  Despite the consensus of academia, there is compelling evidence for God in the grandeur of the cosmos and the intricate design of life.  The cell’s nanotechnology and the complex information systems programmed into the DNA code testify to the existence of an Intelligent Designer. 

            The personal identity of this all-wise Designer and what He is like has been disclosed to mankind through the Bible.  God’s revelation of Himself in the Holy Scriptures is a reliable source for understanding His character and nature because it is a compilation of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of others who saw the events transpire.  The Bible reports miraculous events that fulfilled specific prophecies and claims to be of Divine origin, rather than human.    

            God’s existence and the veracity of His Word has tremendous bearing upon our lives because His will as recorded in the Bible is absolute truth.  By definition, truth is that which corresponds to reality as perceived by God Who is Ultimate Reality.  In other words, truth is that which is consistent with the character and nature of God as revealed in the Bible. 

Falsehood corrupts who God is either by denying that He exists or by saying that He is something other than He has shown Himself to be.  Atheism teaches that God is not, agnosticism claims that God is not knowable, deism says that God is not interested, pantheism believes that God is everything and everything is God, and panentheism says that we are inside of God.    

            Theism teaches that there is not only a God but that He is infinitely and intimately invested in His creation and upholds it in accordance with His immutable essence and the all-glorious majesty of Who He is.  The God of the Bible is all-powerful and miraculously intervenes in the lives of people.  He knows everything and is everywhere at the same time being unlimited by the time-space continuum.  God is also all-loving because every individual  is a person for whom Christ shed His royal blood as payment for their rebellion against the KING of kings. 

If we desire to understand what God is like then we need to look nowhere else than to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ for “in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:9 cf. John 1:14).  May your life proclaim the majesty of the Maker in and through a personal relationship with the one true and living God, Jesus Christ.  Soli Deo Gloria!



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