“It’s not personal.  It’s strictly business.”  This is what the murderous cartel of the abortion industry thrust forward by the likes of Planned Parenthood under the guise of women’s health would have the populace believe.  To the woman, it is personal when she suffers from a guilt-ridden conscience over killing her baby and being at greater risk of breast cancer.  To the American citizen, it is personal when tax money is used to fund an ungodly practice that is destroying the moral fabric of our society.  To the baby, it is personal when she is violently murdered in her mother’s womb and never given the blessing of celebrating a birthday.  Most importantly, it is personal to Almighty GOD as it is strictly His business to determine when life begins, what is life’s purpose, and where life thrives.  This is the preciousness of human life

  1. It’s Strictly GOD’s Business to Determine When Life Begins-The Bible is GOD’s Holy Word and it teaches that our life began when He breathed life into the combined genetic material of our parents (Psalm 139:13-16). No child is an accident, mistake, or OOPS because GOD is the one who determines when life begins. His creative handiwork and infinite intelligence is clearly seen in utereo.  Never forget that Almighty GOD breathes life into us from the time of fertilization in our mother’s womb.  Say out loud, “I AM A MASTERPIECE!”
  2. It’s Strictly GOD’s Business to Determine What is Life’s Purpose-People are precious unlike anything else because only humans are created in the image of GOD with sacred value (Gen.1:26-28). We did not evolve over millions of years from ape-like creatures. Mankind has a stewardship responsibility before GOD to take dominion of the world for the sake of human flourishing. We have the unique privilege of personally knowing our Creator through faith in and fulfilling our greatest purpose which is to magnify His eternal glory.  Never forget that Almighty GOD breathes purpose into life for people are uniquely created in His image for His glory.  Say out loud, “I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!”
  3. It’s Strictly GOD’s Business to Determine Where Life Thrives-Family is the cradle of life which GOD designed to begin with a man and woman who promise their lives to one another in marriage (Gen.2:24; Ps.127). Children are to be gladly received as the blessed fruit of this relational union. The LORD is the Architect, Power, and Authority behind it all.  Never forget that Almighty GOD breathes vitality into life within the context of a Biblical marriage and family life.  Say out loud, “I AM A BLESSING!”

Every human life is precious.  Remember that GOD Himself became one of us when He came here to give His life to rescue men, women, boys, and girls from the hell we deserve because of our sinful hearts.  Have you thanked Him from the bottom of your heart?  Never forget that it’s strictly Almighty GOD’s business to determine the origin, purpose, and relational cradle of life all of which He designed for His eternal glory in Christ Jesus.

 “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things,

to whom be glory forever.” Romans 11:36 NKJV

*Unpublished by the Adams-Friendship Times-Reporter: Jan. ’17

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