Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures because of their immense size and strength but also because their existence and widespread extinction is surrounded by so much mystery.  What science can teach us about these enormous creatures is limited to the empirical data that we are able to gather through observation of their fossilized remains.  While conventional science teaches that they died out 65 million years ago, the Bible gives answers that teach otherwise.

The Bible is an eyewitness account of the history of the universe provided by the Creator God Himself.  It teaches that God made animals, dinosaurs, and people on the 6th literal day of the creation week just several thousand years ago.  When He judged the wickedness of mankind and destroyed the earth with a flood in Noah’s day, representative kinds of each land-dwelling air-breathing animal, including dinosaurs, were brought onto the ark in order to repopulate the new world.  All those outside of the ark were killed and the remains of many were preserved through fossilization.

Contrary to the ideas of conventional science, fossilization does not require long periods of time but rapid burial.  Therefore it is logical to explain such things like the proliferation of marine invertebrate fossils atop mountain ranges, coal seams across continents, bent rock layers, and other spectacular geological formations like the Grand Canyon by understanding them through the lens of the Biblical flood.  The past is the key to understanding the present rather than vice versa like uniformitarianism teaches.  Therefore it is necessary to have reliable historical data from an eyewitness account otherwise science is just exercising guesswork regarding what the practitioners believe transpired in the past.

What all this means for the mystery of dinosaurs is that they were specially created by God on the 6th day and lived alongside Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Male and female representatives were brought onto the ark while the rest were killed in the flood and many of which were fossilized as we observe through the scientific method today.  Dragon legends abound in cultures worldwide and a rational explanation of these accounts is that these are actually testimonies of personal encounters with creatures that we understand today as dinosaurs.  An additional piece of fascinating data is the frequent discovery of soft-tissue in dinosaur fossils.  Is it not more rational to embrace the reality that they really are not as old as conventional science teaches?

The Bible teaches that the world’s continual rejection of truth is due to a spiritual problem at the level of the heart.  Mankind’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden plunged the entire world into physical death and spiritual darkness.  The devil is a master deceiver who uses falsehood to blind people from the truth of creation science, the truthfulness of the Bible, and especially the light of the gospel.  Jesus Christ is the Light of Truth who shines into the darkness of deception for He is the One who created everything, including dinosaurs, and in love shed His blood for man’s rebellion so that everyone might be saved and live for His glory.       

“And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind.  And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:25


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