When you are dead and gone, for what will people remember you?  Is there anything in your life that will echo throughout the coming generations?  What is the all-consuming passion of your life?  What is the legacy of your life?  Does your life testify complete surrender and total dependency upon Jesus Christ?  If not, what does your life testify?

Our goal is to know Christ (Phil.3:10; Jn.17:3)!  Jesus Christ Himself defined eternal life as knowing God (John 17:3).  The desire of Paul’s heart was to know Christ and live in the power of His resurrection life (Phil.3:10).  This relationship of knowing the Lord personally is cultivated by spending time in His Word, talking to Him through prayer, spending time with other believers, and sharing your faith in Christ with the lost.

     Our purpose is to exalt Christ (Phil.1:20,21)!  God created us to glorify Himself!  This means allowing Him to be Who He is (BIG) both in and through your life.  Allowing the One True and Living Creator God of the universe to be made HUGE in and through your life begins with trusting Him in every area of your life.  Trusting God means to be totally dependent upon Him and His Word.  Are there any areas of your life in which God is not being glorified (made BIG)?

Our mission is to proclaim Christ (II Cor.5:18,19; Col.1:28,29)!  God saved us by His grace and commissioned us as messengers of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ.  Lost sinners are in desperate need of deliverance from the lake of fire and the saints are in desperate need of freedom and victory in the Christian life.  Are you allowing Jesus Christ to shine forth the light of His glory through your life?

Friends, the Lord Jesus Christ is the primary purpose of life that will echo throughout eternity for the glory of our Great God and Savior!

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