The United States Marine Corps is renowned for their marketing challenges to young men.  From the bill boards to the TV commercials, they know how to appeal to the masculine soul.  Very much like the USMC, the Berean Bible Institute is looking for a few “good” men. There is no greater calling than to surrender your life in service of the KING of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.  His front line warriors in the battle for truth are the visionary leaders, preachers, teachers, and missionaries of the Church, the Body of Christ.  Has God burdened your heart with a passion for truth?  Do you yearn to not waste your life but to invest it in something that will echo through eternity for the glory of the Sovereign Potentate of the universe?  If you are up for the challenge, perhaps you may have what it takes to cut it at BBI.  May the Lord God Almighty guide and direct your pathway as you trust Him with your life (II Chron.16:9)!  Has God Called You To Preach?

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