Every challenge that we face in this generation has a single answer.  Whether it is the economy, politics, healthcare, family breakdown, education, spiritual apathy, or the uncertainty of one’s eternal destiny, the answer is the same.  In every culture, community, household, and individual heart in every era of history, the gospel is the answer.  The good news of God’s redemption of depraved sinners through the Person and work of Jesus Christ is the only enduring hope for our community. 

The gospel is not only God’s power to salvation to everyone who believes but it also transforms entire lives, communities, and cultures from the inside out.  God performs this miracle by changing one heart at a time by His sovereign will and saving grace.  The Bible teaches how sinners can be rescued from the wrath of God and it also teaches an entire worldview through which we understand how to live in and engage culture with the salt and light of truth.  There is no direction one can figuratively travel in which God has not spoken in His Word.  Whether by direct address, principle, or historical example, the Bible is a sufficient guide for everything in life.  Developing this understanding is what it means to possess a comprehensive Biblical worldview. 

Cultural analysts and statistical researchers are clear regarding the mass departure of young people from the church and oftentimes the Christian faith altogether.  Multitudes of church youth eventually leave because they are either not genuinely saved or they do not have a Biblical worldview.  Many who are spiritually alive in Christ have minds that are more conformed to the world’s priorities and value system than to the Word of God.  Transformation of the heart and mind by God’s Spirit as cultivated through the Christian worldview is something that every generation needs.

It is imperative that the Church equip believers for the ministry of transmitting the truth to the next generation.  This begins at home with dad and mom instructing their children in the Word of God.  Raising generations who understand what they believe, why they believe it, and also know how to defend the faith against the skeptical questions of the day in the context of a secular culture that is increasingly hostile to the exclusive truth claims of Biblical Christianity should be the highest priority in every household. 

There is hope for our community so long as we embrace the multigenerational vision of the Mayflower Pilgrims.  Their lives were invested in a transcendent cause: the glory of God and advancement of the gospel.  They were passionate about the freedom to worship God with their church family and vigilant to protect their children from ungodly influences.  The Pilgrims understood that their lives were part of God’s greater plan and therefore trusted Him to use them for far-reaching purposes.  May we be faithful to do the same this Thanksgiving! 

 “Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.  For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” Psalm 100:4b,5

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