Lord God Heavenly Father, as Almighty Creator, You reign in majesty supreme as KING of kings & LORD of lords.  Thank You for the free gift of salvation-total forgiveness of sins & eternal spiritual life-received by Your grace through faith alone in Christ who died for sinners & rose again.  Thank You for being the Author of History who providentially presides over the destiny of nations in accordance with the eternal counsel of Your will.  We boldly come before You on behalf of Mr. Trump, Gov. Pence, & their entire administration.  Give them wisdom, vision, & courage as You have raised them up for such a time as this era of history.

  1. Bless ‘Em With Wisdom-May their hearts be humble before Your throne as You have given them this responsibility. May their hearts understand that You have entrusted them with authority derived from Your Almighty hand through the citizens of this great nation. May their hearts tremble at the thought of one day bowing before Your majesty & their lives giving account of how faithful they were in the stewardship of their generation (II Chron.1:10; Prov.1:7; 9:10; Dan.2:21; Rom.13:1; 14:10; Phil.2:9-11; Jam.1:5; Rev.20:11-15).
  2. Bless ‘Em With Vision-Give them vision to see beyond what is to what ought to be & could be in this country in accordance with the Biblical principles of righteousness, justice, & jurisdictional authority as affirmed by our founding documents. Give them vision to see the big picture of Your historic plan to use our country as a shining beacon of freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Give them vision to see life from Your eternal perspective, see through the daily minutia, & not lose sight of the forest for the trees.  (Prov.14:34; Mic.6:8; Jn.8:32; II Cor.3:17; Rev.4:1-11).
  3. Bless ‘Em With Courage-Grant them courage to lead decisively having their actions rooted in a reverential fear of the Almighty & not the fickle praise of man. Grant them courage to stand with resolute conviction for Biblical marriage, sanctity of human life at every stage, & our 1st freedom of religious liberty. Grant them courage to boldly resist flattery, deception, terrorism, despotism, & progressive liberalism (Josh.1:9; I Cor.16:13-14; Gal.1:10).

Oh, Lord God, this is our prayer for the Trump-Pence administration.  Bless them with a passion for righteousness in the gates of our land.  May Your hand be upon them for the sake of human flourishing, preservation of religious liberty, & advancement of the gospel of Christ both here & abroad.  Protect them & their families & guide them in the journey ahead.  We humbly bring this before You in the name of Jesus Christ before whom every knee will bow & every tongue one day confess that He alone is Lord to the glory of God the Father Almighty both now & forever.  Amen.

 “Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen.” I Timothy 1:17 NKJV

*Published in the Adams-Friendship Times-Reporter: January 2017

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