“Houston, we have a problem!”  The famous words from the crew of Apollo 13 are applicable to the current state of affairs in our country, the Church, and the family.  Our country is in horrible shape because we do not have very many healthy churches impacting their communities for the cause of Christ with the light of the gospel of God’s grace.  Our churches are in deplorable shape because we do not have very many Godly families in them.  Our families are unhealthy because we do not have very many strong marriages.  Our marriages are weak because we do not have very many Godly men.

The evidence that the family needs reformation and revival is everywhere.  Multitudes of Christians have lifestyles, priorities, and value systems that are very little if at all different from the unregenerate heathen of the world.  The covenant relationship of marriage is seen as being optional while infidelity and divorce are running rampant.  Disrespectful and unsubmissive wives resign themselves to coexist within a loveless marriage isolated and stonewalled from their former knight in shining armor.  Passive and abusive husbands selfishly pursue their adolescent hobbies or machisimo play things more than the hearts of their wives.  Disobedient and rebellious children whose hardened hearts are apathetic to the things of the Lord are leaving the church in droves and oftentimes the Christian faith altogether (this trend is happening even in conservative evangelical churches).  Disengaged and overbearing dads unceasingly discourage and allow their children’s hearts to be turned away having been enraptured by the allurement of pop-culture, humanistic philosophy, and secular entertainment.

Our country needs an old-fashioned spiritual awakening but this will not happen apart from a new reformation in the Church-a call back to the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God.  The catalyst behind this revival will be a family reformation courageously led by men at the helms of their homes.  These men will have an intelligent understanding of the times because of their comprehensive Biblical worldview.  They have caught a glimpse of God’s design for the family and possess a vision for how He desires to use every household as a ministry training center that is central to evangelism and discipleship.  These men will sacrificially and unconditionally love their wives and intentionally transmit the truth of God unto their children and grandchildren for generations.

The cumulative result of this movement of God’s Spirit, this family reformation, will be a ripple effect experienced throughout the culture.  Because families are fortified, churches will be strengthened, and communities stabilized.  The vitality of the Church, which is contingent upon its households, will be used of the Lord to unleash a shockwave of uncontaminated salt and light into the culture enacting a spiritual revival bringing multitudes of lost sinners to Christ for the glory of our great God and Savior.

Where do you and I stand this day?  I know not what course others may take but as for me and my household we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).  Are you with me?

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