“My wife and I are considering combining some of our genetic material with the breath of the Almighty” wrote a friend of mine. After some confusion, I realized they were looking to have a baby. Such a peculiar description was initially perplexing. Upon further reflection, his statement packed an enormous amount of wisdom foreign to the modern mind. The Bible teaches that every human life is intricately designed in the image of God as a sacred blessing given by the Sovereign Architect of families.

In contrast to the life-giving wisdom of the Bible, the wicked heart of mankind has always exulted in a sexually-perverse culture of death. The annals of history are fraught with its champions such as the false gods of paganism, Freud, Sanger, and Hefner. Their legacy is destruction as evidenced by the Israelites’ infidelity, the Roman bathhouses, the eugenics movement of the early 1900s, abortifacient contraceptives, the pornographic degeneration of women, legalized abortion, adolescent promiscuity, STDs, pedophilia, and the homosexual agenda of the LGBTQ crowd.

This sexually-perverse culture of death is wreaking havoc upon the moral consciousness of the next generation and is compromising the foundation of Western civilization. The health, stability, and oneness of the family unit is under vehement attack. God designed for physical intimacy to be enjoyed within the confines of wed-lock. He created marriage to be a covenant relationship between a man and a woman who pledge their lives to one another vowing before God, family, and friends to be faithful to their spouse until death separates them (Gen.2:24; Matt.19:4-6; Eph.5:33).

Marriage is designed by God to glorify Himself through the husband’s sacrifice of loving leadership, the wife’s respectful submission, and the couple’s fruitful procreation. The Household Architect is God, not human intellect, who builds the family in accordance with the blueprints of the Bible upon the foundation of Christ. Children are not financial burdens to be rejected but sacred blessings given by the LORD that should be gladly received from His Sovereign hand (Gen.1:28; Ps.127).

Every life is beautiful because God’s creative handiwork and infinite intelligence is clearly seen from our earliest days in our mother’s womb. We are not the products of random chance processes over millions of years or highly evolved ape-like creatures that Darwinian scientism would have us believe. People therefore have priceless value and inherent worth by virtue of having been created in the image of God. In other words, we are beautifully built in the “Imago Deo” not “Imago Goo” (Gen.1:26,27; Ps.139:13-16).

Almighty God is the Author and Giver of the miracle of life and the gift of eternal life in Christ. By way of contrast, the sexually-perverse culture of death is fueled by none other than the devil himself who is a murderous liar that preys upon depraved hearts in order to blind their eyes from the truth of the gospel light of Jesus Christ. Every human life is indeed beautiful having been intricately designed in the image of God as a sacred blessing given by the Sovereign Architect of families.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

*Published in the A-F Times-Reporter, November 2014

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