Families are the foundational building block of society & are strongest when fathers actively engage their children’s lives.  Social science confirms the Bible in affirming that having a married dad & mom is the best environment for the next generation to grow up in.  This Father’s Day, the survival of civilization is at stake for we need men to step up in their calling to protect, provide, preach, & pastor their homes as Dad the Family Leader.

The world can be a dangerous place because wicked men & ungodly influences have an agenda to destroy the family as GOD designed it.  Fathers’ protection is simple as squashing spiders, snuggling during thunder storms, & fixing bike chains.  Protection is also as complex as setting standards for the content & amount of media the family consumes.  This includes movies, TV programs, music, video games, & social media online.  No less important is choosing how your children will be educated whether it is through the government’s public schools, private/Christian school, or through parent-led home-based discipleship otherwise known as home-schooling.  Perhaps most important is determining where the family will worship GOD through faithful church attendance & active ministry involvement.  Fathers are responsible for protecting their families from all that would wreak havoc upon the hearts & lives of their children.  This Father’s Day, our homes need Dad the Family Protector.

Big government & radical feminism have marginalized fathers into an emasculated malaise.  Providing food, clothes, & housing is the father’s responsibility as the primary bread-winner.  The Bible teaches if a man neglects this responsibility that he has denied the absolute truth of the Christian faith & is worse than a hell-bound unbeliever.  This Father’s Day, our homes need Dad the Family Provider.

Every home is like a church where worship of GOD should abound.  Fathers are the Bible preachers in this spiritual training center where their children learn who GOD is, what He has done in history, is doing today, & will yet do in the future.  Families are central to GOD’s worldwide purpose of reaching the nations with the spiritual light of gospel truth.  This Father’s Day, our homes need Dad the Family Preacher.

Home is the cradle of civilization where children receive character training for honorable living.  The caliber & long-term impact of their life work is determined by the quality of their character, who they are.  Fathers are responsible to shepherd the hearts of their children in the ways of righteousness by faithfully modeling & intentionally inculcating Godly character & Christ-like conduct in the next generation.  This Father’s Day, our homes need Dad the Family Pastor.

We live in a broken world full of sin but hope is available in Jesus Christ.  Whether it is a single-parent situation, drug addiction, or abusive relationship, Christ is the Answer.  He transforms the lives of not only dads but everyone who comes to Him by grace through faith alone in His death & resurrection.  This Father’s Day, more than ever, we need Dad the Family Leader.

“As you know how we exhorted, and comforted, and charged every one of you, as a father does his own children.” I Thessalonians 2:11 NKJV

*Published in the Adams-Friendship Times-Reporter: June 2016

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